Lakeside Court 3

Lakeside Court 3 is our most recent, and only ongoing, housing development. Work commenced in 2012 on four houses.

We have a special offer available as follows.

House 1 is for sale at only 5.5 million Baht.
House 2 is for sale at 6.0 million Baht
Houses 3 and 4 are available at 6.5 million Baht.

As all the houses are identical AND house 1 is on the largest plot this represent an excellent opportunity to buy, or to invest for resale, at a very highly discounted price.

House Details

  • All 4 houses are luxury and two storey.
  • Each has 4 bedrooms.
  • Each has 4 bathrooms.
  • Land size is approximately 140 Talang Wah (TW)


  • Coated aluminum windows.
  • Gated entrance with security
  • Jacuzzi
  • Swimming pool
  • European kitchen
  • Quality ceramics throughout
  • Hardwood doors, skirting and architraves.
  • 2.8 metre perimeter walls.

For further information please contact us